The United States Biomass Tax Credit Ended December 31, 2016

All FireplaceX wood burning fireplaces and wood burning inserts purchased in 2016 qualify for up to a $300 tax credit!

Take Advantage of Even More Savings!

There are multiple state and local tax credits and incentives offered throughout the United States that you may not know about, so find out if you qualify for even more savings on your FireplaceX wood fireplace or wood insert by clicking on the link below!

This federal tax credit is valid for biomass heating products that meet the IRS efficiency value of 75% or greater. Print out the manufacturer’s certificate below for FireplaceX wood fireplaces and wood inserts purchased in 2016.

*The Biomass Tax Credit has a “lifetime limit” of $500. Previous energy upgrades claimed in 2006 and after may affect your current eligibility.