FPX 44 DV XXL Gas Fireplace
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44 DV XXL Fireplace

The 44 DV XXL, our largest gas fireplace, features an impressive 30,000-58,000 BTU heating range, high efficiency, realistic logs and flames and numerous installation options. The 44 DV XXL is another example why this is the only fireplace line that can be called Xtrordinary.

The 44 DV XXL is referred to as the Ultimate Home Heater just for its size. Although it has one of the largest traditional landscape viewing areas, it also has the highest efficiency and greatest BTUs. It has the ability to heat an entire house (up to 3,000 sq. ft.) with its optional heat ducts and a standard fan of 300 CFM. Not only is this fireplace efficient, it also has one of the most exceptional fires. The fireplace features beautifully detailed logs and flames that cover the entire width of the glass face. The 44 DV XXL is perfect for today’s lifestyle, it can heat multiple, large open rooms with high ceilings, and is great fort hose colder climates.


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