a fire
in every

…a blazing hearth as a welcome gathering spot in the living room for family and friends; a charming nook in the bedroom for relaxation and romance; a fireplace patio-side to cut the evening chill. Wherever you can imagine a fire, Fireplace Xtrordinair has the perfect match. Our gas and wood fireplaces and inserts provide high-efficiency heat while perfectly complementing your décor. And for enhancing ambiance without necessarily increasing the temperature, we make a variety of electric fire products. Just plug them in. Come in and browse our collection. We bet you’ll imagine fires in all kinds of new places!

Want a fire that’s clean, controllable and starts in an instant? Go green with gas!

Got a love of tradition and local source for fuel? Check into our high-efficiency wood fires.

Looking to add ambiance, with or without heat? See our innovative electric products.

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